Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My design Paper craft. BLOXI ver0.1

today i spend alots of time do
think and imagine and draw some sketch.
So i think that is to draw out, and
fix out . Just want to see how is looks like.
And.. Finally.. Thats is the finishing.
Peace. =)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kiss 亲吻

Today. I have one of my friend show me some sketch
at my BlackBerry. So i just click on it and just see.
And think, why don't i just draw some brush style
draw one pair of couple kissing.

After dinner i just , take a my art tools and stare
to my lappie and researh some of picture couple is
kissing. And i just think my own style to draw out
what i want..

Can see that, in this picture is simple and clean.
Kiss just can show that how much the person who love
to another. Nothing more that words.
Just hug and kiss.. Thats the romantic.



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

白ちゃん!!! Little white.

my new little figure i design and do.
In future i make some diffrent one.
Just stay tune~

More on my other blog.

Mirage Maiden 幻影処女

Today was just boring when i was having my exam.
I just think something that some purple and
some maiden dance pretty. When back to home
are decided to draw something like that.

Purple with a mysteries meaning and blue with clam
and gold means high profile or something is exotic.
The way i draw. This kind of art i wont like to use
real girl to mix up. And puppet, is good choice for me.